"Under the Silvery Moon"

has won the

Best Book Award


Children's Nonfiction for 2016!

Derek Guyer is a very talented Kentucky artist and craftsman.  His beautiful wife, Lisa, and his children are shown here at our book launch for "Under the Silvery Moon" in 2014. 

Their oldest son, Malachi, was the model for the cover and signed books along with Derek and Diana. 

      There are almost 2,500,000 children of military families in the U.S.A. under the age of 18.  Add to that the nearly 750,000 children of our National Guard and Reservists and that is a huge number of children whose lives are forever changed because one, or both of their parents, choose to serve in the military.  We thank our service men and women, but we often forget the sacrifices made on a daily basis by their families. 

"Under the Silvery Moon" is dedicated to children of military families across the United States.  A portion of the proceeds will be designated for the children's section of the library at Fort Campbell, KY.  Please enjoy the video trailer for this book.  On behalf of the author and the numerous members of her family who have served in the military, a heartfelt "Thank you!" to those who have served and are serving in the various branches of the United States military. 

This is the reason "Under the Silvery Moon" was published.  Our brave service men and women could not do their job without the support and love of their family members.  These are just a few of the military personnel who allowed Derek to use their pictures  as inspiration for his artwork.