Great News:

"Under the Silvery Moon" has been announced as the winner of the

Best Book Award for Children's Nonfiction for 2016.  I am so grateful for the opportunities this book has afforded me.  Meeting so many different military families, hearing their stories, and being able to donate books to different schools and military groups, as well as being able to donate to the R.F. Sink Memorial Library at Ft. Campbell, KY has been such a blessing!

Thank you to all the men and women and their families who have served our nation with honor and dignity to procure freedom for all of us.


Midwest Book Review, October, 2013

Hope Island

Diana G. Hankla

Heart to Heart Publishing

528 Mud Creek Road, Morgantown, KY  42261

9781937008246, $12.99, 136 pp.,

Synopsis:  Delanie Masden was an intelligent, well-educated, beautiful woman, or so people told her. She had a deep founded faith in God.  "Then how..." she asked herself, "How do I keep getting tangled up in relationships with the wrong men?"  Will it take murder for Delanie to find out?  Or, will Hope Island give her that final answer?

Critique:  "Hope Island"is retired school teacher Diana G. Hankla's debut novel and reveals a genuine literary talent as a storyteller able to create memorable characters and involve them in a deftly woven story that engages the reader's immediate attention and holds it firmly throughout.  Of special note is Hankla's attention to historically accurate regional history background details.  Wonderfully entertaining from beginning to end, "Hope Island" will leave its readers looking eagerly toward Hankla's next novel.




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"Hope Island" is available through
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"Under the Silvery Moon"

is available through the author,

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 We were able to make a nice donation to Hope Harbor from the proceeds of my first book, "Hope Island".   I am so proud of the reception "Hope Island" has received.  A portion of the profits from each of my books will be dedicated to different groups according to the subject of the book.  This is just a very small way that I can give back to my community and to those who have served our country.


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Diana G. Hankla - Author

"The most important thing a parent can do for a child is to spend time reading with them.  Not only does that teach the child the importance of reading, but it also tells the child that you care enough about them to spend time with them."  Diana G. Hankla