"Under the Silvery Moon"

    "Under the Silvery Moon" is the author's attempt to help children of military personnel understand what their deployed parent is doing and gain an understanding of a foreign culture.  It compares those things that are the same and those that are different from their own culture.  

     Hopefully, it will bring some comfort to the 2,000,000 children from birth through high school age that have given up one,  or sometimes both parents, for the sake of freedom. 

      God Bless America, and God bless our military personnel!  Thank you for your sacrifices!


          The Sequel to "Hope Island"

     Just a little teaser here!  The new book continues to be set in southern Warren County in and around the Plano Community.  It will also include Boyce, Alvaton, and some of adjoining Allen County! 

      Delanie and her husband, Dr. John Hall will be back along with some of the original characters.  An elementary school plays a big part in this story

       The reader will also be introduced to lots of new characters.  There will be a mystery, romance, and finally a trip back to Hope Island.



Diana G. Hankla - Author


Diana Hankla gives her readers an exceptional story in "Hope Island". Her characters are real.  The story line is intriguing,  but her development of her characters is even more inspiring. Diana‚Äôs work rivals those of Karen Kingsbury.

                   Melva Parrish, President,                     Bowling Green Campus of Daymar College

"Over 30 years as a high school and college teacher make me a critical reader and that is how I began reading "Hope Island".  However, it took me only a few pages to become engrossed in the story line and the reading became very pleasurable. I look forward to the next offering from this very talented writer."  Rev. Richard Hale, Retired High School/College Teacher, Pastor of Plano Baptist Church

"A writer only starts a book.  A reader finishes it."  Samuel Johnson



"Hope Island" is a story of faith, hope and love.  Delanie Masden grew up in the small community of Plano, Kentucky, where faith, hope and love had always been a part of her life .  Only when she graduated from college and returned home did Delanie find out otherwise.  Disillusion and despair  began to fill her marriage, and Delanie's faith was challenged.  However, hope and faith carried Delanie thru her darkest moments.  Would Hope Island live up to its name and help Delanie find the much needed love which she sought?